Welcome to
My Paine app

Your one stop paine sharing app

Use this app to share your pain experiences with your closest ones and your trusted medical advisors.

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Welcome to
My Paine app

Your one stop paine sharing app

Use this app to share your pain experiences with your closest ones and your trusted medical advisors, in a quiet and safe maner.

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So I think it’s about time that I share my story and my why. Back in September 2022 I suffered a heart attack, a minor one, but it still was a major life changer, a serious wakeup call. I went through medical treatment at the hospital, I got a balloon dilatation and 2 stents and then after a while I went through rehabilitation in the hospital, that consists of partly some teaching and a lot of exercising, and now on the other side I feel much better in all possible ways, I have dropped about 15 kg and I am in good shape now. But it took about 6 months getting back in shape, physically and mentally and a long the way I had some heart / chest pains and because of that I was advised to write down when and how it was hurting “it gives us something to talk about when we meet at the next appointment”, so I did and actually I decided to make an app for that, an Apple Watch app. Always available on the wrist also during the night. Tha's how it all started. So as you can understand this app is close to my heart.
The app is very simple and yet very effective, register when you feel pain, scale it, describe it and then the pain is saved for later and possibly shared. You can always see a list of your pains and they’re editable, so it’s possible to add more details at a later time.

First enter your personal details and then add your contacts. It’s now possible to select and share pains with your personal details attached.

Severe pain experiences are shared automatically with contacts marked for instant sharing. Sharing is caring and it goes both ways. Your closest ones will be there for you and help taking care of you.
Paine app is also available as an Apple Watch app, in fact this is where it all started, as an Apple Watch app, the experience is phenominal and comes highly recommended. It's super easy to register paine whereever and whenever it is needed and sharing works in the same fantastic way.

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Terms and Conditions

Welcome to our Pain apps

Thank you very much for downloading one or more of our apps and we do not intend to abuse that trust and we will therefore take extra care of your personal information. The pain apps are made to register pain and to share pain experiences with your loved ones and your therapists.

When you experience pain, you must register it, you can always go back and add more details later. If the pain level is above 8, the pain experience will automatically be shared with those closest to you, who are marked with immediate sharing.

In order to be able to share pain experiences, you must purchase “Sharing”, which currently costs $6.99, after purchase contacts can be created. Contacts are created with a reference, a relationship, first name, last name, an email and whether pain experiences is to be shared immediately with this contact and whether personal information is to be shared with this contact on pain reports.

Pain experiences can be shared automatically at a high pain level, but individual pain experiences can also be selected shared and then the full pain report can be created and shared as well. Choose a single pain and one or more contacts and share or choose a contact and share all pain experiences with or without personal information.

Fill in your profile with personal information, both for the sake of your loved ones and your therapists, you may have details on your profile that may not have been previously shared or talked about or changes that have come recently, therefore personal information should be updated regularly.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at dennis@like-sharing.com.

All disputes regarding paine apps must be dealt with in Copenhagen City Court in Denmark.

Pain apps are owned and operated by Likesharing ApS by Dennis Schmidt.

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Regarding your privacy, data is stored in your private iCloud database and your data never leaves iCloud, also your data isn't shared with anyone. The only exchanging of your data is taking place, when you choose to share a pain experience or a report.

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